Not another piece on leadership!

Dec 2017 | John Marik |

Yes another piece on leadership and it is extremely important for you and those around you.  I will ask you one question which will determine whether you either are or have the ability to be good leader.

The question is: How would you rate yourself as a leader right now?

Ok this is getting a little awkward right?

If you say you are a great leader then people might interpret that as being cocky and over-confident.  If you say you are a poor leader (very unlikely self-assessment, but let’s go with it for now) people will think you have low self-esteem issues, lack confidence and possibly lack leadership ability.

I do not want to hear whether you are a good or bad leader as that is subjective, what is the definition of good?  It’s person, situation and point-in-time specific.

We get caught up in discussions whether you are a leader or a manager and all the too-and-fro of the distinction between the two – it’s the wrong debate.

Leadership to me is about having the ability to influence and you can influence at any level irrespective of your position, title and whether you have direct reports.

So back to the question, what answer displays the ability to lead – to influence – or have the capacity to learn to lead?  I would expect the ability to critically self-evaluate yourself and others.  The ability to know where you and those around you have strengths, weaknesses and to then influence accordingly.  Only then can you move forward and improve yourself and those around you.

It’s about self-awareness and awareness of others.  If you do not understand yourself you cannot understand the impact you have on others.

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One thought on “Not another piece on leadership!

  1. Thanks John, very interesting, all your comments are spot on. I would like to add another aspect to a really good leadership ability. The leader has to have confidence. The person has to believe in themselves that they are capable of leading a group of people, that they have a sufficient of knowledge and life experience that they can successfully lead and achieve goals.

    More on this later.


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