Toolkit for Dynamic Strategy

Strategy Series, Part 1 – Toolkit for Dynamic Strategy; pick tools which allow you to ask the right questions

The Strategy Series explains why #strategy is about asking the right questions and that questioning should be part of your everyday.

What are the fundamentals of a successful business?

When crafting business strategy ensure these five factors of running a successful business are covered off.

Simplification theory

Sept 2017 | John Marik | So picture this; I'm having breakfast and see this lovely card from a colleague and friend who is moving into the next phase of her career. I have an idea for a blog entry, I can't be bothered getting my laptop, I download an app from WordPress, take … Continue reading Simplification theory

A Customer-centric strategy is still your best way to win

Sept 2017 | John Marik | Customer-centric strategy, it's the buzzword in keynote speeches, in business journals, financial papers, on blogs, in every strategy paper going around right?  That's right, it is cliché and so mainstream, however a customer-centric strategy executed correctly can set up a business for success. A customer-centric strategy is essentially looking … Continue reading A Customer-centric strategy is still your best way to win

ANZ move to an agile structure will be copied quickly in Australasia if successful

The Agile business model as proposed by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ASX: ANZ) if successfully implemented will see this being copied by mainstream business in Australia.